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Produced in 2003, the script for this 43 minute movie was inspired by the music from the "Arroyo" album by Gary Shoe.  

Amethyst Media Company

The base price for an eight-minute album tour video is $1,000.  Custom movies with original music start at $100K.   Contact us for details!

The trailer for "Skewed Universes" is now available; the complete movie will be online soon!  

video and multimedia products

‚ÄčAmethyst produces original content and also custom products on request.  Our first published product is the short film, "Skewed Universes."  Other products are shown on the Content Page.  What would you like us to produce for you?   

This is the official poster for 

Skewed Universes!  

Amethyst can design and create custom features for you:

  • Movies of any length
  • Music videos
  • Album tours
  • ‚ÄčDocumentaries